Memorable designs that not only get noticed, but get remembered

Here at Cassette, our team simply love infusing life, colour and vibrancy into brands. We do this with bold, eye-catching and unique print designs. Designs that grab attention and ultimately hold it. 

With over 25 years of experience in the world of design, it’s safe to say we’ve covered the spectrum. 

What’s more, our expertise and in-depth knowledge of many different types of print design, means that our print design services are fast and efficient (whilst remaining exceptional) – so that you can stick to your time frame (however tight it may be).


Short answer: everything

At Cassette, we do the full scope of print designs, from logos to brochures and (literally) everything in between.

We work our design and print magic on:


Whether we’re generating our own designs for a project, working within brand guidelines or using supplied creative, we’ll ensure the design-to-print fit is nothing short of perfect.

We work collaboratively with our partners – be that a marketing team or an agency – to create fresh and original print designs that still resonate with the authentic brand.

When we do use supplied artwork, we apply the same rigor that we do with our own designs,  preflighting all creative to ensure the optimum end result. 

Whatever we’re designing – be it creative or corporate – we use the full force of our expertise to create something striking and unforgettable. 

Every single time. 


The full-spectrum for Moët Hennessy

Many of our long-standing clients trust us with the full range of their print design projects – from the more simple concepts through to the complex and unique ones. 

Working closely with Moët on a daily basis, we have the opportunity to create multiple bespoke print and design solutions – across on and off premise accounts – for numerous premium brands, including Belvedere Vodka, Dom Perignon and Glenmorangie. 


Moët Hennessy want bold and memorable print designs that simultaneously stand out in a saturated market and remain authentic to each of the brands exclusive feel.

Working within tight timelines, our solutions need to both fit with overseas brand guidelines, and be appropriately localised for the unique Kiwi consumer. 


For over nine premium brands under Moët Hennessy, Cassette continue to create a range of elegant and impressive print designs for national distribution across New Zealand.

From table-cards to poster boards, deckchairs to menus.

Behold the magic in action.