Enhance brand recognition with custom signs

POS displays (point of sale) are simply everywhere. They are increasingly used by brands as a dynamic way to engage customers and interact with them across different mediums.

Needless to say, as a business, you need your POS display and signage to stand out and make a lasting impression (and the right kind of impression).

From creative displays to bespoke corporate signage

Whether it’s bright and bold display fridges or branded free-standing display units (FSDU), we create POS, display and signage that captures attention – and holds it.

What’s more, our extensive print expertise means that we can print across many different types of material and to numerous specifics. Whatever the scale – from a handful of custom-made stands to the entire print collateral for an event – we’ll provide print solutions that you’ll be proud to share with your customers. 

And our efficiency enables us to produce exceptional work even in the tightest of time-frames.

We’ll take care of every detail – from sourcing, to producing, to delivering the final product to your door (wherever that door may be NZ-wide). 

Check out the POS displays and custom signs we devised for one of our long-standing clients, Yamaha Motor NZ.


Yamaha’s Mystery Creek Fieldays tent

Working closely alongside Yamaha’s design agency over the long-term, Cassette have been entrusted with providing print solutions for an array of projects – across Yamaha’s NZ stores and for numerous events.

For this particular project, we partnered with Yamaha for the creation of their exhibition tent at Fieldays in Hamilton – tasked with producing all the necessary print collateral for the event.


Yamaha needed us to produce a variety of different prints, custom signs and displays, across a range of base materials. Their central challenge was the extremely short time-frame.

Rising to the occasion, Cassette sourced, produced and delivered the entirety of the print solutions within 5 working days. Some of the print was turned around in just 2.


Working to Yamaha’s close deadline, we managed to produce an array of powerful print solutions across a wide range of mediums, including decals, ACN panel signage, six types of catalogue, PCC banners and fabric and vinyl banners.

To achieve this, we used a number of different printing techniques and materials, including offset print, wide format digital print and flat bed print. 

Remaining true to our mantra of doing whatever it takes to get the job done, we delivered fast and effective print solutions, giving Yamaha an impressive exhibition at the event and helping them stand out against competitors.

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