Stay one step ahead with innovative packaging design

When it comes to custom packaging, our designs are every bit as wonderful as the products inside. 

A well-designed package incites a sense of excitement in customers, affecting their purchasing decision, improving their experience and boosting your brands impression.

Cassette’s speciality lies in creating bespoke, short-run printed packaging for a particular project or product. With a wealth of experience in creating entire structural packaging designs, our team produce innovative and creative packaging that looks fantastic and beautifully showcases your products.

Check out the imaginative display boxes we created for Foodstuffs.


Foodstuffs Hamper

Working with one of our clients, Orangebox, on behalf of Foodstuffs, Cassette designed and manufactured one-off custom printed packaging in the form of a prize pack hamper.  


Foodstuffs wanted us to create a small quantity of hamper boxes for dispatch and display in stores across NZ.

The challenge was to create a hamper box that could be packed full of food items, used for safe distribution of the products nationwide, and then double as a display-box once it reached stores.

We needed to create packaging that not only looked good, but safeguarded against breakages during transportation.  


With a kickass combination of innovative-thinking and hard-work, Cassette designed, produced and delivered the required hampers to OrangeBox, who then packed and distributed them nationwide – all within a week! 

The turnaround from brief to delivery was just 7 working days and our ingenious solution ensured safe delivery nationwide, with simple steps to transform the delivery box into a display case that looked great in stores.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us.



Whatever your timeframe, whatever your idea, we’ll make it happen. Get in touch.