Fresh designs that remain true to your brand

With decades of experience in annual report design and marketing material print, we know what it takes to create impressive print collateral. In fact, it’s one of the things we’re particularly good at.

Our real talent lies in following corporate guidelines to create fresh and stylish print that still remains authentic to the essence of the brand. 

We know that an annual report is more than just telling the world about your finances. It’s a way to showcase the best of your entire business. That’s why we provide our clients with vibrant and creative print designs, that help make real connections, and – importantly – keep people reading.

As well as annual report design, we do various types of marketing material design, including:





Impress with beautiful annual report design

Cassette provides businesses with a polished final print that clearly and effectively communicates your message, with a creative flair to keep it interesting.

Taking every single detail into account – from layout, to colour scheme, to style and lettering – we help your business stand out and your message pop. 


Helping you save time and money

For many of our long-term clients we provide yearly financial reports: both the interim and annual. Working collaboratively with agencies and corporate PRs, we free up their in-house designers, taking care of the entire process – from design through to print.

Our expertise in this area and familiarity with the technical design and required accuracy in annual report design, means that we help our clients keep costs down: providing fast, high-quality prints that save time and money.

Moreover, our extensive network of print suppliers ensures we can guarantee competitive rates, by utilising our selection to find the absolute best fit for the job.


Annual Report for Pacific Edge Limited

In alliance with the PR agency, Ellis & Co, Cassette have designed a number of interim and annual reports for Pacific Edge Limited.

Pacific Edge is a world-leading urothelial cancer diagnostics company, based in Dunedin. As a publicly listed company with a large shareholder base, Pacific Edge have required Cassette’s services over the past eight years to design and produce high-end annual reports.


Pacific Edge adopted the NZ IFRS revenue accounting standard for the 2018 financial year, which meant that the previous year’s results needed to be restated and the annual report had to fit within the relevant regulations.

Adhering to these standards meant that our initial design draft was subject to multiple amends from the client, auditors and lawyers. Each revision we made was fast, accurate and consistent. 

The additional challenge was the prompt deadline in which the financial report needed to be presented to NZX and the shareholders.


As the auditors were unable to complete their audit and sign off by the initial deadline, the solution we devised was to produce a Preliminary Financial report for special release to NZX. The full audited annual report was then completed 2 weeks later.

Working within the constraints of time and accounting standards, Cassette designed a notable annual report for Pacific Edge: both creative and comprehensive.

Searching for annual report design that will showcase the best of your brand? Look no further.