Here at Cassette, we’re all about creating powerful, out-of-the-ordinary print solutions that stick in people's minds and get them talking.

We love creating prints that foster genuine, thoughtful and ultimately engaging customer experiences.

How do we do that? By delivering unique, out-of-the-box printing solutions for every one of our clients. 

Because to stand out and capture imaginations, you need to be doing something different. 

And with our combined talent in both print and design, the team at Cassette can give you just that.


Why have one when you can have both?

Having accumulated decades of hands-on experience in the print and design industries, our founders, Shane and Sandie, decided to combine their skill-sets to create a print design business unlike any other out there. 

They wanted to use their talent, expertise and connections to create truly out-of-the-ordinary projects with the very best in both print and design.

With Shane’s in-depth knowledge and experience of all things print, and Sandie’s design aesthetic  and keen eye for detail, we deliver what most other print management companies can’t: fast, adaptable and highly creative printing solutions.

And the reason we can do this?

We’re not just experts in print or design, we’re experts in both. 

We believe that to produce truly exceptional, original work, you need this all-round expertise.


We take care of every detail

This out-of-the-box approach is what makes us original, versatile and ultimately able to create any and every print solution for our clients.

We take care of the entire process: all the way from the vague idea to the tangible, physical product that your customer experiences and enjoys.

And our extensive knowledge and connections in the print industry mean that when we begin a project, we visualise the entire end-to-end process – from design through to print – to ensure every aspect works like clockwork: smooth, fluid and efficient.


Building long-term relationships with numerous leading brands, we’ve become the “go-to” for all their wild and wonderful print ideas and inspirations. 

The opportunity to work with clients over a long period allows us to really get to know their business. We can then create original print solutions that keep their brand fresh, modern and exciting – for brochures, annual reports, custom prints or anything else they might need. 

Whether we’re partnering with your marketing team or agency, we work closely with you to create outstanding print solutions – showcasing your authentic brand with a bold new take.


Check out some of our work:

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